You are currently viewing Adult training for Katsura system is underway in USMA Padova!

Adult training for Katsura system is underway in USMA Padova!

Event and evidence from Selvazzano Dentro, Italy, on 24th of April

Katsura system implemented by athletes of USMA Padova

The training, held on Wednesday, April 24, was a collaborative effort between the athletes of the USMA Padova and our experienced trainers, Maurizio Mortin and Vincent Lovino. The trainers, who had previously participated in the session on March 2, shared their knowledge of the Katsura system with the participants, creating a dynamic learning environment.

The session served to continue the exercise phase, which included three weeks of activity, during which the participants had the chance to opportunity to explore and test various types of exercises

“The Katsura system exercises have proven to be a delightful revelation”, as shared by sports director Maurizio Mortin. “These exercises have been integrated into the training regimen, and their positive effects on the athletes are already apparent, instilling a sense of optimism about their potential benefits.”

Mortin, one of the trainers, underwent a trainers session, mastered the exercises, and is now disseminating them to other participants. This self-learning approach, aligned with the project’s aims, empowers the participants to take charge of their learning and growth.

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