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Our questionnaire is now available 

Here you can find a brief few key questions about the reasons for adults’ inactivity in sports.
We ask for contributions from you all as it is very useful for keep improving our KATSURA Project.
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Be alive, be strong, be happy, and no matter if you are a single person, association, NGO or agency we are here to give you support. Do not hesitate to contact us for any information.

Collection of all the written sources so you can improve the understanding of the reasons for young adults’ inactivity and sport dropout and change your approach to food, health, well-being and sport. 


The first official event for modelling the KATSURA system

We are delighted to share that on the 9th of May, the first official event for modelling the KATSURA system will take place...

KATSURA is making a name

The magazine "Aikido" is published on paper in 3500 copies and donated to the adult members of the Aikikai of Italy (there is a separate magazine for children)...

Coordination meeting for modelling the Katsura system

An online Coordination meeting for modelling the Katsura system occurred on 14th April, with a specific focus on T3.1 and 3.2...


To build capacities of the trainers and coaches to implement the KS, while creating a network of qualified sport associations capable to mainstream the KS outside the partnership and after the end of the project, integrating it as new program in the training offer to onboard young adults and adults, and increase the number of members of the club. 

QUALITY and Transnational CAPACITIES

To ensure quality implementation and the development of the
capacities of participating organizations to work in a transnational environment.


To improve the understanding of the reasons of young adults’ inactivity and sport dropout, with reference to: (i) general obstacles already existing before the pandemic, and (ii) to barriers generated by COVID-19,
considering also young adults who recovered from the illness and those affected by depression due to isolation.


To provide an effective response to the need of motivating young adults to not dropout from sport and to achieve a healthier lifestyle when aging, by defining and prototyping the most appropriate exercises technique (notably the Katsura System – KS) capable to (i) impact on mental wellbeing and selfmotivation and (ii) to reduce risk of injuries often caused by re-approaching sport (after a period of inactivity) without having adapted own musculoskeletal and respiratory systems (iii) to change the approach to food, health, well-being and sport.



USMA is a multisport club and hub for youths’ development, where the following sports are practiced: soccer volleyball, basketball, gyms, physical activity, athletics.
Sport association affiliated with the Aikikai of Italy, recognized by the Italian state as a non-profit organization for over fifty years and is an Association of Traditional Japanese Culture.
University has showed an outstanding progress with its 11 faculties, 4 schools, 3 graduate schools, 8 vocational schools, 5 Rectorate affiliated departments, 17 research centres.
Community and Education research Center is a reestablished Study Center, with the purpose of developing competences and studies in certain societal issues
GCP distinguishes itself in the field of full amateurism, is governed by the highest ethical values of sport, contributing to the proper education of youth.
Opportunity and Protection Association) is a non-governmental organisation and is dedicated to the welfare of children and young people in Haskovo region.
A multidisciplinary team whose objective is to promote education and culture, filling the gap between formal education and the real world with non-formal trainings.
Blue Hive

Motivating young adults to stay active and healthy and onboarding sedentary adults in holistic healthy lifestyle system.